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Because Black Is Right Enough

to do and be anything you work to achieve


It is time to acknowledge that Black Americans have and continue to achieve at the highest levels like every race and ethnic group. Putting aside stereotypes, myths and untruths, we embrace decades of achievement from slavery to today. BIRE affirms our history, our culture, our continued contributions to America and proudly showcase how our youth are claiming their overcoming legacy and their greatness.   

Black families have been the spine of our race, imparting strategies for survival that are deeply embedded in faith. Our strength is reflected in an enduring culture born of slavery and continued throughout every generation. We build on our truths and resist messages that make us doubt who we are and have been.

Black American Family books


Learn more about how Black American families that have sustained us. Appreciate that myths perpetuated about the broken family did more to harm than help. Know that Black families are still strong despite the challenges that undermine their structure and effectiveness to challenge equality on these shores.

Know your history to embrace your future
What is MEDIA sharing about Black American achievement today?

From left to right; astronauts Stephanie Wilson, Joan Higginbotham, Mae Jemison, Yvonne Cagle and fighter pilot Shawna Kimbrell

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